World Class Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt Application
And Trophy Desert Mule Deer Hunt
• La Palmosa Ranch, Mexico • Fully Guided 7-day Hunt • Anyone Can Apply • Completely Transferable • Boone and Crockett Free Range Recognized
  • Only $10 per sheep application. You may apply as many times as you like!
  • Successful Applicant with at least 10 Sheep Entries will also AUTOMATICALLY draw the Deer Hunt.
  • You MUST apply at least 10 times for the sheep to automatically draw the deer hunt.
  • Sheep and deer MUST be hunted during the same 7-day period.
  • Application deadline is March 31, 2021
  • Sheep hunt drawing winner may bring 1 guest at no additional charge. If deer hunt was included the guest may harvest one of the animals.
Trophy Desert Mule Deer
Apply for your chance to hunt a world class Desert Bighorn Sheep!

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